Well Excuse Me For WALKING…

My building is full of long hallways, the kind that make passing people really awkward. Once you finally pass them, it normally involves some sort of small talk or greetings. Generally I can avoid this by looking at the ground and walking quickly. But today I was looking dead ahead…

As I passed one of our officers (someone I’m pretty sure I’ve never spoken to) he says to me, “Oh man, don’t mess with the Madame. “


I literally stopped mid-step and just looked at him…


The only thing that I could think to say in response was, “Yes, that is exactly the reputation that I want amongst the officers. Go tell all of your friends.”


What just happened? Guess I must have had left my “Resting Bitch Face” on again…?


Post-It Notes Are Magical

While looking around my cubicle today, my boss told me that I “have too many post-it notes” up on my desk…


“No I dont! One can never have too many post-it notes!”



Right? Right? I can’t be the only one that thinks that…


It would appear that I am well on my way to becoming the office version of a crazy cat lady.

Yeah, No More Candy For Me Today

Just raided the candy bowl in my office, and now I’m on a bit of a sugar high…


In my bouncy state, I jumped into the copy room saying,

Candy, candy, candy!!!


Too bad Boss #3 was in there to witness the whole thing


Not that he didn’t already think that I was odd before. #letyourfreakflagfly

In This War, No One Wins

It’s like a daily “Tug of War” battle between my boss and I.

Everyday, I give him a stack of paperwork, sometimes several inches thick (you can laugh, I set that one up for you) and when I DROP it off on his desk,  I tend to laugh with malicious glee and joy.  (yes, I am aware that there is something slightly wrong with me).

BWHAHAHAHA (no seriously, just like that)


But like all paperwork it has to be processed and returned. And after several weeks, he returns mine with his own maniacal laugh and he even does a little jig.


Not sure why I didn’t see that coming…

so not cool

Karma’s a bitch