How Did My Day Start?

By being almost being smacked in the face…


With a door…


…by my crush


I feel like my day can only go up from here. 


Once a Tomboy, Always a Tomboy

I am fortunate enough that I have a great relationship with all of my bosses. Yes, I said bosses, 3 to be exact. Recently, one has been out on paternity leave. Not quite sure why, but one of my other bosses decided to update him on my latest fashion behavior…

Boss #3: “You should’ve seen her. She’s been dressing up nice some days, coming in with her hair curled and stuff. She’s been going on dates, and then intimidating them with her football knowledge… But maybe now she got her a man out there to impress.”


Me: “Yeah…no. It’s just that some days I care what I look like and others, well, I couldn’t care less.”


Me: “Oh man…”

Boss #3: “What?”

Me: “I have avocado on my skirt.”

Boss #3: “You are always wearing your food…You can dress up, but you but you will always be a tomboy.”


Yup, that’s about right. At least I try, every once in a while.

No More Dining Out This Week…

Ekkk, I’ve been eating and drinking like crap for the last couple of days.

Now my work skirt is starting to make me feel like I have to walk like this…


Can someone let me know when they are able to find a Work/Social Life/Fitness/Health/Dating balance…and still manage to have fun? K, thanks.

#YOLO, right? No, no, I take that back. I’m sorry that I said that.

Probably The Most Adorkable Man I Know

Discussing my injured shoulder with a co-worker…

Co-worker: “You should take anti-depressants…”



Co-worker: “Oh, I mean that they are supposed to help with inflammation. Or maybe you should go organic.”



Co-worker: “I’m..I…uh…yeah….I’m going to go now.”



Is There Really A Graceful Way To Nearly Crash Into A Cute Guy? I Wouldn’t Know

That moment when you nearly crash into a cute guy…while carrying your lunch and chewing on food.

That moment doesn’t look like this (Thanks again Disney, for unrealistic expectations:


It looks like this:


When he is finally done laughing at you, and asks if you are ok, you can’t answer because you mouth is full of sweet potato.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I’m single

Dear Brain, Be Glad I Don’t Have A Q-Tip Today…

You know when you finally manage to drag yourself out of bed to go shower…

zombie walk

And you run into your roommate, who is also trying to use the ONLY bathroom in the apartment, at the same time?


its my turn

But she asks nicely, so you let her go first. That and because she actually has important things to get done at her job (no, I’m serious).

wonder woman

So you go back to bed only to realize…


My “fool-proof” 4 alarm system, has been ruined.

Must come up with a new plan. Back to the drawing board…