I Almost Feel Sorry For The Guy…Almost

As some of you know, Boss #2 will leaving our company soon. So they currently have someone training to replace him, we’ll call him Boss #4 (In-training). In the last few weeks, Boss #4 (In-training) he has been sitting in for all of upper management as they take their vacation days. This week he is filling in for Boss #3 (who is my direct boss) and he is sitting at his desk.  Now as mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy, literally tossing my paperwork into a basket on my boss’s desk. I don’t think Boss #4 (In-training) is quite sure what to make of me yet…

Me: *Tosses paperwork into basket*

 Boss #4 (In-training): “While I am sitting at this desk, you will gently place the paperwork in the basket.

And then pleasantly greet me.”



 Boss #2: “Dude, you might as well give up while you’re ahead…because chances are, now she is just going to throw it at you.”


Me: “Ahhh you know me so well! But seriously, you should probably listen to him.”


Boss #4 (In-training): “I’m sure she’s a joy to work with every day.”

 Boss #2: “You have no idea…”


Hey Boss #4 (In-training), good luck. You have no idea what you are in for.