At least offer to buy a girl a steak dinner

As I sit here and eat a tuna salad for lunch…



Ummm, I Think Not

I met up with an old college friend for dinner tonight. When the waitress brought out our food, she brought out a platter of humus with veggies and a hamburger with fries. Guess which one she tried to hand him and which she tried to hand me…


Side note: I ran two miles before going to dinner


She quickly gave me my hamburger, and all was right in the world.



I have an unhealthy obsession with food, and I’m not even kind of sorry about it.

I Only Wish I Had More

For those who don’t know me, I like, no actually, I love Chipotle. The chips, the guac, the burrito bowl…


Now, we all know that the amount of food that they give you is not a single serving…but I just can’t help myself.

After I destroyed by dinner tonight (mind you, there was a serious workout and a full day of moving before hand) all I could think to myself was…


I’m not even sorry…I only wish I had leftovers for lunch tomorrow.