This man certainly know the way to a girl’s heart

Please note the dates…



At least offer to buy a girl a steak dinner

As I sit here and eat a tuna salad for lunch…


The Awkward Girl Struggle, Is Real

After the urging of many of my friends, I’ve decided to ask this guy I like out. And it’s not like trying to ask a guy out isn’t already hard enough, but when you are incredibly socially awkward and so is the guy, it becomes like…


(see what I did there? *slaps knee, laughs hystrically*)

But seriously, I’ve been trying to figure out how to invite this guy to a movie for almost three days now…without actually mentioning that I want to go to the movies with him.


Yeah, I’m not really sure how I expected that to work either.




Single Girl Problems

So, I’ve had this conversation far too many times in the last couple of months…

“Why are you single? You are so…”







 I know. I know. I’m so amazing, I should just date myself.


But when I respond to them with a, “I don’t know. I guess it’s because I just haven’t found the right person.”

Those same people respond with…

“Oh honey, you are just being too picky. But don’t worry, you’ll find someone. Just be patient.”


 Those are conflicting ideas!

You do know that this conversation started off with a simple, “What are your plans for the weekend?”, right?

Once a Tomboy, Always a Tomboy

I am fortunate enough that I have a great relationship with all of my bosses. Yes, I said bosses, 3 to be exact. Recently, one has been out on paternity leave. Not quite sure why, but one of my other bosses decided to update him on my latest fashion behavior…

Boss #3: “You should’ve seen her. She’s been dressing up nice some days, coming in with her hair curled and stuff. She’s been going on dates, and then intimidating them with her football knowledge… But maybe now she got her a man out there to impress.”


Me: “Yeah…no. It’s just that some days I care what I look like and others, well, I couldn’t care less.”


Me: “Oh man…”

Boss #3: “What?”

Me: “I have avocado on my skirt.”

Boss #3: “You are always wearing your food…You can dress up, but you but you will always be a tomboy.”


Yup, that’s about right. At least I try, every once in a while.

In My Defense, He Did Jump Into The Middle of a Convo…

A co-worker had asked to see my blog, after I mentioned he was the source of one of the posts. While he was reading it, we started discussing #6 from my “20 Tinder Don’ts” post.

“Don’t let all of your pictures be of you in a group. Seriously,  I don’t know which one you are!”

The conversation was overheard by the “most adorakable man I know”, to which he decided to interject:

Adorkable: “The ugly one.”

Me: “Excuse me?!…”


Adorkable: “In the pictures, it’s always the ugly one in all of the group pictures.”


Me: “Ok, for a second there I thought you were calling me ugly. I like that answer  much better.”


Poor guy…I can now appreciate why men think women are crazy.