Oh Look, My Favorite Luddite Is Back

So there was a bit of a mix up when our computers were being sent to the office last week. I ended up having to use Boss #3’s computer until mine arrived. It worked out because he was on vacation for the last week.When he came back, I gave him his computer back. And as usual when something goes wrong, I’m the first one blamed. It also doesn’t help that Boss #3 has an aversion to technology…

*Phone rings*

Me: “Chels.”

Boss #3: “What are you doing?

Me: “My job.

Boss #3: “Not likely…”

Me: “What do you want?”

Boss #3: “What did you do to my computer? I can’t log on.”

In the background Boss #2: “What did you doooooo?”

Me: “I’m coming down there….” *click*



Walk into office and both of them start yapping at me for hanging up on them. I just sit down and type in the password that came with the computer…

Me: “Here, you’re signed in.”

Boss #3: “What did you do?”

Me: “Turned on caps lock…”


Boss #2: “How did we not figure that out? So simple, even she can do it.”

Me: “You do know that I’m not a caveman. I need a raise.”

Walks out of office


No respect I tell ya, no respect. 


…I Always End Up Just Unplugging ‘Em

I guess being a former graphic designer, means that I know all things computer?


I say this because, the people in my office often come to me to troubleshoot their tech issues.


I’m not really sure why. Because I just go to someone else for mine, and make this face…


Or I just use this magical thing, called Google. Heard of it? *roll eyes*

Oh Where, Oh Where, Could My Tech Support Be?

Day #3 and I still have not seen or heard from IT services.


As a general rule, I do my best to be polite and understanding with those in the service industry. Several phone calls and emails later…I’m still trying


It’s not like I need to do my job or anything.


So much backed up paperwork. I’m screwed.