All before I had my first sip of coffee

You know type of morning, when the sun never really comes up and neither do you? Like it doesn’t matter if you went to bed early and got a little extra sleep, functioning is just not high on the priority list…Yeah, today is one of those mornings.

So when this happened while I was getting coffee….

Kinda sorta Boss #5: “Well goooood morning to you too.”


MAKE UP hen-the-sunlight-wakes-you-up-in-the-morning_0

Kinda sorta Boss #5: “Have a rough night last night? Never really wake up this morning? I see you put a lot of effort into your look today.”

MAKE UP BLAH tumblr_m4hqk2Vgaf1qdrcyyo1_500

Me: “Thank you for saying that I look rough today and pointing out that I’m not wearing any make-up.”

MAKE UP STOP TALKINGtumblr_mbqxko4J8B1qecvqs

Kinda sorta Boss #5: “No, no, I, uh, uh….I was talking about your hair.”

Me: “No, you just gestured my whole face…and just to let you know I let my hair air dry every day, and today is no different.

MAKE UPYou-just-gestured-to-all-of-me

Nope. I’m not having it at all today. Consider yourselves warned.

MAKE UP I will kill youtumblr_mej1opyKEp1qf9mevo1_500


Well I Was Channeling My Inner Sofia Vergara…

You know those days, when you just feel amazing in your outfit?

Well, today was that day for me. I wore a hot pink leopard print sweater and a pencil skirt into work, and I was feeling quite, va, va, voom. That was until…

I spilled coffee all over my skirt, and was quickly reminded that I was still my socially awkward and klutzy self.


But whatever, my boobs still look great in this top.


There Was No Logical Reason For That Much Traffic

I work in the city but, this morning I had to an appointment half an hour away in a neighboring county.

“Great”, I thought, “I’ll be driving the opposite direction of traffic”.

Wrong. Why you might ask? Because, this…



After my 4 minute appointment with a very disgruntled county employee, I spent another hour getting back.

My patience today has been spent, and I haven’t had any coffee yet.