I May Or May Not Be Easily Amuse…Butterfly?

It’s a Monday, and I’ve been in a super weird mood all day. Pretty sure it had something to do with the bizarre dream I had last night…I don’t why I haven’t learned to not watch shows like “Dexter”, right before bed. Anyways, I’ve only managed to complete one task today, and that’s because I let the copy machine do all of the work. What is it that I have managed to accomplish?

They go as follows:

  • Draw pictures on sticky notes, and plaster them all over other people’s computers. (They were all works of art. They should frame them, maybe they’ll be worth money someday)
  • playfully attach a lock to someone’s back pack, and only wonder if they know the combination after I shut the lock. (I’m awesome at flirting, or I would be if I was in 4th grade)
  • Refill my water bottle 7 times (Which also meant I escaped to the Ladies room several times, whoops)
  • Read and reread the directions for my new Pre-work out 50 times and wonder if it is going to make my heart explode (But seriously, I’m still terrified)
  • Think about food and wonder if the cute trainer is going to be at the gym today (He’s so dreamy)

Then I went on a search for office supplies, sticky notes to be exact. Wonder why I was running low on those?…And I discovered that the door on the supply closet squeaks. Now remember, I’m in a super weird mood and my bosses’ door is right in front of the supply closet…

Me: *giggles while repeatedly opening and shutting the squeaky door*


 Boss #3: “Only you would find the humor in a squeaky door, weirdo.”


He knows me so well, and accepts me for who I am. 


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