Might Want Wash Your Hands After Touching That Phone…

During the work week, my roommates and I keep in touch with each other through g-chat. They are normally the reason I am over in my cubicle, cracking up like a mad woman. Today, was no exception… 
G-Chat from Panda Loving Roommate:
“OMG CHELS!!! My story of today:
I’m at Chipotle – and while in line, this guy leans over and asks me if I “know how to attach a picture to an email?”.
So i try to explain it, but he wasn’t getting it.
I decided to just showed him how to do it. I tap on the email body and show him
how to scroll to the insert picture, and then I saw what the email started with…
hey sexy 😉” 
I’m 99% sure i just helped an older man send a dirty picture via email.”
Me: “It’s taking me a second to get my jaw off the floor right now!!! Omg, I’m dying right now lol.”
Seriously, can’t make this stuff up.

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