Insert Foot In Mouth Moment… The Fourth One Today

So I’m in my bosses office working on some flight details, but my brain is just not having it today…

Boss #2: “yada, yada, yada”

Me: “Huh?”


Boss #3: “Girl, wake up.”

Me: “I didn’t get any sleep last night.”

Boss #3: “Too much information!”


Me: “No, not because of that. I was having nightmares…*mutters under breathe* …but I wish it was because of that.”

Boss #3: “Ahhhhhh…..toooooo much information……!!!! You’re batting for two and I’m leaving this conversation alone.”

Boss #2: “Huh? I zoned out, but I feel like I just missed something…why is she turning bright red?”


Sometimes, I just need to learn when to keep my mouth shut.


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