New Invention Idea, Cell Phone Screen Privacy Protector Shield Thingy…

If you ride public transportation, you know you have at least once, glanced at someone else’s phone. Whatever, don’t lie, because we have all done it. And how can you not, we are all glued to them as we ride the bus/metro/etc.


Personally on my way to work, I like to go through my IG feed  and get meal/work out ideas for the evening. Yes, I follow a bunch of fitness geared instagram accounts and they are full of great ideas. But unfortunely, they also post a lot of pictures half naked people on them. Thanks, #fitspiration

So in my head, my activity looks like this:


But I feel like the person behind me on the bus is standing there, making this face… 


It’s not what it looks like, I swear. Not really sure what it looks like, but it can’t be good. *covering my bases*


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