The Awkward Girl Struggle, Is Real

After the urging of many of my friends, I’ve decided to ask this guy I like out. And it’s not like trying to ask a guy out isn’t already hard enough, but when you are incredibly socially awkward and so is the guy, it becomes like…


(see what I did there? *slaps knee, laughs hystrically*)

But seriously, I’ve been trying to figure out how to invite this guy to a movie for almost three days now…without actually mentioning that I want to go to the movies with him.


Yeah, I’m not really sure how I expected that to work either.





9 thoughts on “The Awkward Girl Struggle, Is Real

  1. So am I lol it takes a lot for a women to ask out a guy. I find incredibly attractive. But honestly what is the worst that could happen. If he rejects you it’s his loss. Sure no one wants/likes being rejected but that’s the chance you take. Plus your cute so don’t let it bother you 🙂

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