Because Being a Conspiracy Theorist is Sexy

It really bothers my co-worker (who I also so happen to have a crush on), that I drink from the water fountain at work. So when Washington D.C. was issued a water advisory yesterday, I figured his reaction to the news would be more like a “ha ha, told you so”, not this…

Me: “So looks like I have to give up drinking the water from the water fountain”

Co-worker: “How come?”

Me: “There is a water advisory for DC”

Co-worker: “Those are just scams by bottled water companies.”

Me: “UGHHHHHH, I can’t win with you”

Co-worker: “What are you trying to win?”

So he is a germaphobe, conspiracy theorist, socially awkward, and oblivious to flirting


Yup, I know how to pick ’em.


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