Well That Conversation Took a Really Weird Direction

I occasionally use the copy machine in a different office than mine. Their machine just works better than ours. I would like to note that, we all work for the same company but for some reason it really annoys the guys in that office (which only makes me want to do it more).

Co-Worker #1:  “Why don’t you use your own copy machine?”

Me:  “Why do you always get your panties up in a bunch about it?”

Co-Worker #1:  “I don’t get my panties in a bunch about it… ”

Both enter room

Co-Worker #1:  “…I don’t wear panties.”

Co-Worker #2:  “What is it that you don’t wear?”

Co-Worker #1: “Panties”

Co-Worker #2: “Thought I heard that right…”

Co-Worker #1:  “I normally go commando, or with a g-string. But never panties.”


Just a normal day in the office…


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